Management Approach

Safeguarding Health and Safety

Manila Water has a significant contribution to public health through the provision of safe and potable water to communities. The Company ensures consistent compliance with national specifications of the quality of water it provides. The safety of water is continuously managed from source to tap through a set of measures that address all water quality risks along the value chain.

With the expansion of water and wastewater services as part of its service obligations, the Company operates hundreds of facilities and undertakes numerous infrastructure projects in the public space at any given time, such as pipelaying and leak repairs. The safety of employees, contractors and the general public are of paramount concern and safety programs are in place.

Occupational Health and Safety

A safety culture among employees, contractors and suppliers is nurtured through a corporate wide safety program. The company has set up safety committees at the group, department, and facility levels which are well represented from rank and file to managerial employees. These committees monitor safety performance on a regular basis and implement continuing improvement initiatives to address gaps and overlaps in processes.

Safety Initiatives

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Manila Water Company took proactive steps to ensure the Company still operates effectively and essential water and wastewater services are continuously provided.

Access to Safe Drinking Water

Manila Water regularly collects and analyzes samples from vital points along each water supply system’s value chain to detect any emerging patterns, help in controlling treatment processes and validate compliance with the national drinking water standards.

Manila Water and its subsidiaries have robust quality control and monitoring protocols on bacteriological and other drinking water parameters, prescribed by both the Department of Health and the specific utility regulators of the business units.

See ISO Certification of Laboratories:

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

ISO 50001:2011 Certificate

Water Safety Plans

As a champion of SDG 6, Manila Water understands that access to water and sanitation is a right, and the provision of safe and potable water is essential to public health in communities. The Company has a commitment to comply with regulatory specifications on the quality of water provided to customers. All water quality risks along the water value chain, from source to tap, are addressed through comprehensive water safety plans.

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