Sustainability Policy

Sustainability has long been in Manila Water’s DNA, integrated in our business and embedded in our day to day work, it is a dynamic approach beyond brand reputation and beyond profits. The company treats sustainability as a paradigm to ensure continuity and enhance growth as it creates shared value for and with our stakeholders.

In 2006, Manila Water with the assistance of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) a Sustainability Policy was developed to guide the company’s sustainability track.  Over the years, several changes in the organization and business environment prompted the company to revisit the policy and identify the gaps that need to be addressed.

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Climate Change Policy

In 2007, Manila Water became the first company in the Philippines to have a formal, Board-ratified Climate Change Policy. The company’s Climate Change Policy predates the national climate change policy, including the Philippine Climate Change Act, the National Framework Strategy on Climate Change and the National Climate Change Action Plan, which were approved in July 2009, April 2010 and August 2011, respectively.

To better align the company’s Climate Change Policy with the Philippine government's anchor strategy of adaptation as a key response to climate change, Manila Water revised the policy in 2013 to prioritize initiatives on enhancing the climate resilience of assets and operations while continuing its greenhouse gas emissions reduction initiatives. Revisions were also made to highlight emerging operational risks to the company.

The Policy was further revised in 2019 to reflect commitments on proactive water source development and expand climate change mitigation programs to include initiatives other than energy efficiency and renewable energy.

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Enterprise Risk Management Policy

Manila Water operates in a regulated and dynamic business environment where uncertainties, both detrimental and opportune to the Company, abound. The Company is accountable to its regulators, shareholders, employees and customers, among others, even as profitability, sustainable development and corporate social responsibility are expected to be continuously enhanced. In order to achieve its corporate objectives, Manila Water acknowledges the need for the active management of the risks inherent in its business which should involve the entire organization.

For this reason, Manila Water has established an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Program which aims to use a globally-accepted approach in managing imminent and emerging risks in its internal and external operating environments. Under the ERM Program, Manila Water shall appropriately respond to risks and manage them in order to increase shareholder value and enhance its competitive advantage. The ERM Program is aligned with the Company’s Manual of Corporate Governance which mandates the Board of Directors to ensure the presence of organizational and procedural controls supported by an effective management information system and risk management reporting system.

In addition, the Company’s Board Risk Oversight Committee, as stated in its Charter, is required to provide oversight to management functions relating to financial, operational, legal and other risks of the Company which involves periodic disclosure of risk exposures and related risk management activities.

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Business Continuity Policy

Manila Water’s Business Continuity Commitments are articulated in the company’s Business Continuity Policy. Manila Water continually improves its Business Continuity Management, which is composed of risk reduction and management, incident management, business continuity planning

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Corporate Governance

Manila Water policies under Corporate Governance can be accessed in this link:

Quality, Environment, Safety, and Health Policy

Manila Water has an Integrated Management System on Quality, Environment, Safety and Health (QESH) for all its facilities in the Manila East Zone Concession.

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