Management Approach

Developing Employees


The most essential input to the company's ability to realizing its vision and living its mission is the men and women who run the business every single day. Employees are the company's primary stakeholder. In order to deliver exceptional service to customers, its talents should possess the necessary knowledge, skill, and attributes unique to a water utility. These can only be made to happen if the company invests in the development of its own people who not only are equipped with vital management and technical expertise, but also to live the core values of Manila Water.

Developing employees is at the very heart of sustainability in Manila Water.  Without a critical mass of empowered employees, it is not possible to provide exceptional services and ensure continued corporate growth. 

Employee Development

Talent Development

Manila Water provides its talents access to various learning and development opportunities consisting of in-house and external trainings and accelerated development programs under the Manila Water University.

Manila Water University, the Company's corporate learning institution, provides a wide range of training and development courses that can be self-directed or conducted by a live instructor. The university programs are all competency-based, aimed at developing talents by enhancing their leadership, technical, and functional skills in preparation for future critical roles. Furthermore, technical and leadership skills are learned within the virtual four walls of a classroom (or an online learning platform) and through close mentoring of leaders who oversee the implementation of stretched assignments.

The Technical School, also known as the Manila Water Institute of Technology (MIT) was launched in 2020, commencing with the identification of subject matter experts within the organization who developed and piloted modules on Water Supply, Wastewater, and Water Quality.

All modules were tailor-fitted to capacitate employees occupying various levels of technical roles. Lastly, Tech for Non-Tech Modules (a.k.a. "101" courses) were also developed for non-technical talents to appreciate the technical aspects of water utility operations.

Employee Engagement

Manila Water fosters work-life integration for its employees to maintain a healthy working environment. The company sees to it that the workforce understands and respects people’s experiences not only as employees but also as homemakers, parents, and leaders of their respective communities.