Manila Water intensifies water and wastewater service expansion in the East Zone

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As of September 2022, Manila Water has installed a total of 1,142,884 water service connections, which translates to a total of 7,446,386 population served. The number continues to grow, as Manila Water strengthens its service expansion program in the East Zone.

More than 7.4 million consumers in the East Zone of Metro Manila and Rizal Province now enjoy 24/7 clean and potable water supply, as Manila Water continues to step up its service expansion program.

As of September 2022, Manila Water has installed a total of 1,142,884 water service connections, consisting of 1,088,097 domestic connections and 54,787 commercial and industrial connections. These translate to a total of 7,446,386 population served.

One of the factors for this increase is Manila Water’s intensified service expansion program in Rizal Province. In the 3rd quarter of 2022, the Company was able to finish 40 pipelaying, mainline extension and individualization projects in the said province which benefitted 13,500 families.

For the rest of the year, Manila Water is scheduled to finish 10 more pipelaying projects in Rizal, which is expected to benefit additional 3,469 families.

Connections to sewer service were also up by 5,011, from 268,934 connections in July to 273,945 connections in September.

For those areas which are yet to be connected to Manila Water’s sewer network, the company maintains its regular desludging or septic tank siphoning program with an additional 11,014 septic tanks emptied during the same quarter as part of its regular desludging caravan.

With the continuous growth of population in Metro Manila and its nearby provinces, Manila Water recognizes the need to reach out to its underserved and unserved customers and provide them with uninterrupted piped-in water supply despite challenges in distance and terrain in its service area.

“We have always been committed to address the increasing demand for water and wastewater services within our concession area. From 3.1 million customers in 1997, we are now able to extend our services to 7.4 million customers since we took over the operations of the water and wastewater system of the East Zone 25 years ago. As we anticipate further increase in demand for reliable water supply, sewerage and sanitation services, we will continue build infrastructure to ensure water security, service continuity and accessibility as well as promote environmental sustainability,” said Jeric Sevilla, Group Head for Corporate Communications Affairs of Manila Water. “These are the major pillars of our service improvement plan in the coming years.”

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