Manila Water successfully replaces mainline at Parian Creek

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Manila Water has successfully completed the replacement and relocation of a one-meter diameter mainline located at the Parian Creek in Barangay Kapasigan in Pasig City. The said mainline is part of the PG6 and Almeda transmission line that supplies water to barangays at the southeast end of the concession area, considered farthest from the Balara Treatment Plant. The mainline at this portion provides clean potable water to over 80,000 households in the cities of Pasig and Taguig and the municipality of Pateros.

Installed in the early 1980’s, the steel pipe ran under the bridge and its clearance from the creek has diminished over time due to siltation, exposing the pipe to debris that flows through the creek, especially during the rainy season, increasing the possibility of damage or breakage. The relocation of the pipe was also recommended by the city government of Pasig due to concerns on the original location contributing to clogging the creek.

Working closely with the local government of Pasig for traffic management, engineering support as well as with the local governments of Taguig and Pateros for customer communication, the relocation was meticulously planned, complete with activity simulation, prior to the actual work commencement.

The mainline relocation entailed the installation of a 32 meter length of new steel water pipe that was elevated with approximately 2.5 meter clearance from the normal creek level. The activity necessitated water service interruption to 53,000 households in 37 barangays in Pasig, Taguig and Pateros on two separate occasions wherein the new pipe was installed during the first phase and the old pipe disconnected and sealed on the second phase. Strategic and timely service advisories targeted towards the affected customers through traditional media and social media channels helped minimize the impact of the service interruption.

"Manila Water is delighted to have successfully implemented the relocation of one of our critical mainlines in a manner that minimized the impact to our customers and stakeholders. This activity was a success because of detailed planning that involved the project team, key stakeholders in the affected local governments and our contractor, careful communication and of course excellent execution. This project is a reflection of Manila Water's commitment to continuously manage and maintain our assets and deliver on our commitments to our customers and stakeholders. The replacement of this portion of our pipeline also ensures the continued delivery of clean, safe and potable water to thousands of our customers in Pasig, Taguig and Pateros," said Manila Water Corporate Project Management Group Director, Thomas Mattison.

Manila Water constantly conducts maintenance works on its water and sewer lines to ensure continued world-class water and used water services in its concession area comprised of, aside from Pasig, Taguig and Pateros, the cities Mandaluyong, San Juan and Marikina as well as portions of Quezon City and Makati City, plus the entire province of Rizal.

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