Obando Water District enters 25-year deal with Manila Water subsidiary

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In photo (from left): Obando Water District Chairman Honorato Danilo S. Guevara, Manila Water Company, Inc. President and CEO Ferdinand M. Dela Cruz, Obando Water District General Manager Leonardo C. Landayan, Manila Water Philippine Ventures President and CEO Virgilio C. Rivera, Jr., and Manila Water Philippine Ventures Head of Bulacan Regional Business Cluster Arnold Jether A. Mortera.

Obando Water District entered into a 25-year concession agreement with Manila Water through its subsidiary unit, Obando Water Company, Inc. (Obando Water) to enhance the quality of life of its customers in eleven barangays through the provision of improved water supply and used water services.

Following the joint venture signing in August, Obando Water District recently signed and executed a concession agreement with Obando Water for the design, construction, rehabilitation, operation, maintenance, financing, expansion and management of water facilities and the provision of water and sanitation services in the Municipality of Obando for a period of 25 years.

Obando Water District Chairman Honorato Danilo S. Guevara shared that the agreement is aligned to the water service expansion, water quality and system efficiency obligations of the water district. “Through the years, the critical need to improve, repair, refurbished, and expand the existing water system to cope with the rising demand for essential services has been a dream for the water district”, said Guevara.

Meanwhile, Obando Water District General Manager Leonardo C. Landayan put forward that the concession agreement included the provision for sanitation services or the proper management of used water. According to Landayan, as municipalities are required to provide sanitation services by year 2020, the Obando concession is a good opportunity to showcase the implementation of such program which the entire province may use as a benchmark.

For its part, Obando Water is committed to assist the water district in increasing water service coverage, targeting to connect and deliver safe, reliable water supply to 80 percent of its customers by 2018. The water company will also ensure that water delivered to the homes of customers goes through a stringent process to comply with the Philippine National Standards for Drinking Water. Network efficiency measures will also be in place to reduce the level of non-revenue water or water losses to industry-acceptable levels.

Manila Water Philippine Ventures President and Chief Executive Officer Virgilio C. Rivera, Jr. said that apart from its financial investment, the company will also be investing not only its technical expertise but its human capital as well to ensure the fulfilment of its service obligations. He further stated that the company seeks to sustainably address the water and environmental challenges of the municipality.

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