Manila Water receives improved ESG Risk Rating: Rises towards the challenge of Sustainability

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Watershed protection has remained an integral part of Manila Water’s ESG initiatives to develop, rehabilitate, and enhance water sources. Photo shows the La Mesa Watershed which Manila Water maintains along with several public and private partner-agencies.

In July 2022, Manila Water Company, a Philippine-based water and wastewater services company, with presence in Southeast Asia and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, received an improved overall ESG Risk Rating of 27.1 from Sustainalytics, one of the world’s leading ESG research and analysis companies. The score puts Manila Water in the Medium-Risk category and places at 11th among the 50 water utility sub-industry. Sustainalytics evaluated Manila Water’s policies, programs, and strategies on ten Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) topics that are material to the company.

“Despite the headwinds that the company experienced in 2021, with some still persisting to this day, we are proud to receive a medium-risk level rating on our inaugural comprehensive ESG Risk Rating with Sustainalytics. This is a testament to the Company’s dedication, in the last 25 years, to place Sustainability as a strategic priority, and ensure that we continue to do good for the environment, society, and all our stakeholders”, said Manila Water President and CEO Jocot de Dios.

“At the start of the year, we released the first tranche of our medium-term sustainability goals indicating our commitment to and progress in embedding sustainability in our business strategies. Looking ahead to the next 25 years of Manila Water, we will continue to integrate our ESG agenda in the way we provide reliable water and sanitation services to our customers in the Philippines and across the globe” de Dios added.


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