Manila Water engages top firms as consultants in project delivery

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Manila Water recently held a ceremonial contract signing for its consultancy services framework to ensure a more efficient and faster implementation of its major projects. With the event, the company launched its partnership with two consortia tasked to conduct feasibility study, design, procurement, and construction management of pre-identified system projects in the water supply and used water categories. Present during the signing were (from left): Raul Manlapig, Managing Director, Arup Philippines; Darren Shrives, Operating Center Manager, GHD; Geodino Carpio, Chief Operating Officer, Manila Water; Maidy Lynne Quinto, Group Director for Corporate Project Management, Manila Water; William Yong, Vice President, Black & Veatch Water Southeast Asia; and Michael Roberto Reyes, President and COO, DCCD.

In its commitment to expand and improve its services, Manila Water recently launched its consultancy services partnership with two consortia composed of leading engineering and construction firms in the water and wastewater industry, Arup+GHD and Black & Veatch-DCCD Engineering. The consultancy teams were engaged by the company to enable faster and more cost-efficient implementation of projects, in light of the anticipated increase in capital spending for the 2018 to 2022 rate rebasing period.

“To ensure the attainment of our CAPEX goals, we decided on the creation of the consultancy framework, as part of the efforts to advance our internal processes,” shared Maidy Lynne Quinto, Group Director for Corporate Project Management of Manila Water.

According to Manila Water Chief Operating Officer Geodino Carpio, the framework agreement is aligned with the government’s “Build, Build, Build” infrastructure agenda. “Manila Water’s consultancy services framework is considered a landmark strategy within the industry not only in the Philippines but in the entire Southeast Asian region,” Carpio said.

During the ceremonial contract signing held recently, representatives of the consultants expressed their commitment to ensure the success of the partnership.

“Arup and GHD are both very committed to working together with Manila Water,” said Darren Shrives, Operating Center Manager of GHD. Raul Manlapig, Managing Director of Arup Philippines, further adds, “The framework agreement symbolizes what we believe is Manila Water’s commitment to bring best practices in delivering projects of varying sizes and complexities in order to improve services. Collectively we aim to bring our best local and international resources and as much innovation into our projects.”

“Leveraging on our global technological capabilities to customize solutions for our clients, we look forward to establishing a long-term working relationship with Manila Water based on collaboration and trust,” said William Yong, Vice President of Black & Veatch Water Southeast Asia. Meanwhile, Michael Roberto Reyes, President and COO of DCCD, says “With this new endeavor and long-time partnership, Manila Water can be assured of our utmost commitment to deliver quality and service as we have shown in the years that we have worked together.”

Under the consultancy services framework, the consultants will be engaged to conduct the feasibility study, design, procurement, and construction management of pre-identified system projects in the water supply and used water categories for Manila Water.

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