Clark Development Corporation and Clark Water launch wastewater project for new environmental standards

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Clark Water withdraws sludge from Clark Freeport’s wastewater treatment facility in preparation for the new DENR standard DAO 2016-08.

Clark Development Corporation, together with Clark Water Corporation, has initiated efforts to upgrade its wastewater treatment processes to prepare the sewage treatment facility serving the Clark Freeport Zone to comply with the new more stringent standards of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources Administrative Order (DAO) 2016-08 on Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR).

The project focuses on improving the efficiency of the facility which has the capacity to treat as much as 27 million liters of wastewater per day. The wastewater treatment facility will undergo a series of preparatory works including removal of sludge to maximize the processing capacity and improve the flow of water within the facility. These activities will increase its overall treatment efficiency as well as prepare the facility for the installation of upgrades required by DAO 2016-08.

The parties stressed that this collaboration is a testament of their dedication to adhere with the new government-mandated environmental regulations while serving the current and future needs of the locators of the freeport.

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