Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

The Company’s commitment to the highest standards of ethics, good governance, competence and integrity was institutionalized through the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (the “Code”). The Code sets forth the standards for professional and ethical behavior, as well as articulate acceptable and unacceptable conduct and practices in internal and external dealings of the Company. The Code also addresses the issues and relationships between and among the Company’s directors, officers and employees, and its customers, suppliers, business partners, government offices and other stakeholders. The Code includes policies on: Honesty and Fair Dealing; Conflict of Interest; Corporate Entertainment and Gifts; Insider Trading; Disclosure; Creditor Rights; Anti-Corruption; and Anti-Sexual Harassment. Copies of the Code have been distributed to all directors, officers and employees of the Company to inform them of the mandates and policies of the Company under the Code.

Any director, officer or employee who commits a violation of the Code shall be subject to disciplinary action, without prejudice to any civil or criminal proceedings that the Company or appropriate regulators may file for violation of existing laws. The Office of the Compliance Officer is responsible for implementing and monitoring compliance with the Code, and shall also have the authority to decide any issues that may arise in connection with the implementation of the Code.

Download the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics