Organizational Chart

Manila Water embarked on a 12-month transformation journey in 2021 which included the re-organization of its structure to support the aspiration of becoming a value-creating Filipino global company. 

The Company is helmed by its Senior Leadership Team, composed of the President and Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Regulatory Officer, the Chief Administrative Officer, the Chief Legal Officer and Chief Compliance Officer, the Chief Finance Officer and Treasurer, and the Chief Operating Officers for the East Zone, the non-East Zone Philippine Businesses, and International Business.

The President and Chief Executive Officer of Manila Water is primarily tasked to administer and direct the day-to-day business affairs of the Company. He is ultimately accountable for the Company’s organizational and procedural controls.

The Corporate Center was also established to house strategic and core general and administrative functions.  The following functions are now housed under the Corporate Center: Human Resources, Information Technology, Procurement, Communication Affairs, Planning and Transformation, Sustainability, and Enterprise Security.

The Manila Water Operations (East Zone) is responsible for the East Zone Business Operations and the Company’s corporate support functions. It is headed by the Chief Operating Officer for the East Zone. The Manila Water Operations (East Zone) is supported by the following groups: East Zone Operations, East Zone Business Operations, Strategic Asset Management, Project Management, and East Zone Health, Safety, and Environment.

The Non-East Zone and International Businesses Group focus on replicating the successes of the East Zone Concession in underserved and unserved areas, and on ensuring organic growth and sustainable operations in all newly formed subsidiaries. Both groups leverage on existing capability track record, and government and institutional network to create value and strategically expand to new geographies in the Philippines and parts of Asia.