Portfolio of Services

Manila Water's portfolio of services covers the entire water value chain from water supply system, to treatment and distribution, as well as wastewater or used water treatment and sanitation.

As a global water company with a localized approach to the delivery of services, Manila Water offers world-class solutions aimed at positively transforming lives and communities.

As it envisions to become the leading provider of water, wastewater and environmental services in the country and beyond, Manila Water will continue to empower its people with a customer-centric mindset while providing quality services and sustainable solutions for its customers.

Bulk Water Supply / Network and Distribution

Bulk Water Supply 

Sustainable solutions for water supply system development

  • Design and construction of intakes and raw water conveyance system
  • Water treatment plants and related components
  • Transmission lines, reservoirs and pumping stations
  • Operation and maintenance of water supply system

Network and Distribution

Customized leakage reduction and management approach

  • Water system design and construction
  • Operation and maintenance of distribution system and network
  • Network restructuring
  • Pressure management
  • District Metering Area/Demand Monitoring Zone establishment
  • Active leakage or non-revenue water reduction
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) and network modelling
  • Meter testing and management

Wastewater and Sanitation / OUR SKILLS AND COMPETENCIES

Sewerage and Sanitation

Protecting and conserving the environment

  • Design and construction of sewer network and sewage treatment plants
  • Sewer network maintenance and management
  • Sanitation or septage management
  • Design and development of re-use water system

Our Skills and Competencies

  • Due Diligence and Feasibility Study
  • Technical Assistance and Consultancy
  • Operation and Maintenance
  • Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Asset Master Planning, Development and Management
  • Metering, Billing and Collection
  • Customer Service