Manila Water joins hands with partners to help clean up water bodies

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Volunteers from Manila Water joined the cleanup drive in the coastline of Laguna De Bay in Pililla, Rizal as well as in various locations within the country in celebration of the 2023 International Coastal Cleanup Day.

Standing as a vanguard for the environment critical to life now and in the future, Manila Water once again armed itself with gloves, sacks, and boots to join this year’s International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) Day, held nationwide on September 16.

Volunteers from the Manila Water Operations Group, Corporate Procurement, Corporate Information Technology, Advocacy and Research, Taguig Service Area, Pasig Service Area, and Rizal Service Area were among the 35,000 volunteers from government agencies and the private sector who participated in the synchronized clean-up drive in major coastal areas and waterways across the Philippines.

In Metro Manila, Manila Water joined the cleanup activities in Parian Creek in Pasig City, where the Company also donated trash trolleys and rubber boots for the use of the creek’s river warriors. Manila Water also brought water tankers and installed hydration stations for volunteers in Manila Bay.

In Rizal, Manila Water joined hands with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources in picking up trash in the coastline of Laguna De Bay in Barangay Malaya, Pililla. The Company also donated 220 trash tongs for use of the volunteers during the activity.

Manila Water also installed hydration stations in Manila Bay, with water safe for drinking and handwashing of volunteers who joined the ICC activities.

“Clean Seas for Healthy Fisheries: Sustainably Feed the Global Population” is the theme of this year’s ICC, which aligns with the objectives of the United Nations Ocean Decade Challenge 3 to generate knowledge, support innovation, and develop solutions to optimize the role of the ocean in sustainably feeding the world’s population under changing environmental, social and climate conditions.

The annual celebration of ICC also supports the fulfillment of various UN Sustainable Developments Goals (SDGs), mainly SDG 14 or Life Below Water.

Aside from joining the ICC activities annually, Manila Water also hopes to contribute to the achievement of these goals through its Sustainability Agenda. Through its wastewater operations, Manila Water supports the abatement of water pollution by collecting and treating the water used by customers before discharging them to receiving bodies of water, in compliance with the effluent guidelines and other regulations on wastewater.

Manila Water’s flagship program, “Toka Toka”, the first and only environmental education program in the country focused on wastewater management, aims to raise awareness about the importance of proper wastewater management and treatment in communities. The program has been widely accepted in the 23 cities and municipalities in the East Zone of Metro Manila and Rizal Province where individuals and institutions pledged their respective “toka” or share in water stewardship and protecting the environment through regular desludging of septic tanks, connecting houses to available sewer lines, segregating solid waste and disposing them properly, and promoting environmental sustainability within one's family and social circle.

“Our commitment goes beyond the provision of water, but also delves in helping the world improve the quality of life on land and below water. Rest assured we will continue to pursue sustainability in everything that we do. This is for all of us, not just for the present but more importantly, for the future generations. This is our “toka”,” says Jeric Sevilla, Manila Water Corporate Communication Affairs Group Director.

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