#TubigAdvisory UPDATED schedule of rotational service interruption as of JULY 19, 2019 for Metro Manila East Zone and Rizal Province cities and municipalities

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LATEST schedule of daily rotational service interruption as of JULY 19, 2019 for Metro Manila East Zone and Rizal Province cities and municipalities.

Customers may continue to experience low water pressure to no water because of operational adjustments being undertaken. Manila Water continues to implement these interruptions to equitably distribute the limited supply to all of its customers as NWRB has maintained daily raw water allocation at 36 cubic meters per second despite the slight increase in Angat Dam's water level due to the recent heavy rains.

The hours of water supply availability in your area may vary, especially in high elevation areas and those farthest from our facilities, as we continue to manage supply and pressure in our distribution system to make water available for all our customers. Emergency incidents and activities such as breakages and leak repairs may also affect the accuracy of these schedules. Please bear with us.


The specific schedules for the water interruption may also be viewed on Manila Water’s official Facebook page.

For more details, please call Manila Water’s Customer Care Hotline 1627 or like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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