Manila Water ensures service continuity with intensified water and sewer line expansion and maintenance

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Manila Water continues nonstop pipelaying and maintenance of its water and sewer lines to ensure service continuity and reliability in its service areas. As of the 2nd quarter of 2023, Manila Water has laid and maintained 5,418.90 kilometers of water pipelines and 464.63 kilometers of sewer pipelines all over the East Zone.

As a key pillar of its service improvement plan, East Zone concessionaire Manila Water has continuously expanded its water and sewer network to cater to more communities in need of reliable water and wastewater services.

As of the 2nd quarter of 2023, Manila Water has laid and maintained 5,418.90 kilometers of water pipelines all over the East Zone, within its service areas in Metro Manila and in the Rizal Province. From 5,362.73 kilometers in September last year, the Company has successfully laid additional 55.17 kilometers, particularly in several municipalities in Rizal to reach unserved areas.

Water service remains available 24/7, except for service interruptions due to regular line maintenance and emergency repairs. Manila Water has kept the schedule of its regular maintenance activities during off-hours in the evening to lessen the impact to customers.

Aside from pipelaying more distribution lines, Manila Water has also laid reliability lines and replaced old primary lines to ensure continuity of water service especially in emergency situations.

To ensure network efficiency and sustainability of below 15% Non-Revenue Water (NRW) level in the entire system with the use of innovations and technologies, Manila Water also implemented automation of network distribution facilities, improvement of pressure management, and service pipe replacement program.

Simultaneously, the Company has also laid and maintained 464.63 kilometers of sewer lines. Currently, Manila Water is providing sewer service to 287,934 accounts, which equates to 29.64% sewer coverage for the entire East Zone.

“Water supply and sewer network expansion is truly essential to meet the pressing population growth in the country. And as we anticipate that the demand for clean and potable water and the need for efficient wastewater services will continue to increase in the coming years, we will continue to invest not only to grow our water and sewer network but also to ensure reliability of the system and continuity of service for our customers,” says Jeric Sevilla, Manila Water Corporate Communication Affairs Group Director.

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