Manila Water treatment plant in Cardona, Rizal now yields more than 50 MLD

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Manila Water’s Cardona Water Treatment Plant, which begun operations last March 14, 2019, is now providing up to 56 million liter of water per day to several towns in Rizal. At full capacity, the 100-MLD treatment plant will distribute potable water to about 800,000 population and will further cut the supply deficit in the East Zone.

Manila Water’s Cardona Water Treatment Plant is now distributing 50 to 56 million liters of water per day (MLD) initially to barangays in Binangonan, Angono, Taytay, Baras and Jalajala, Rizal. Other beneficiary areas in Rizal will soon receive water when the plant progressively increases production in the coming months. The Cardona WTP started its operations last March 14, 2019, following completion of Phase 1 of the project and will help augment the water supply for the East Zone, which has been experiencing an average supply deficit of 150 MLD.

For the past 40 years, Angat Dam has been the sole water source for 96% of Metro Manila as well as the neighboring provinces of Rizal and Cavite. The Cardona WTP, which draws water from the central portion of Laguna Lake, was constructed to augment water supply to Manila Water’s concession area while alternative major water sources are being developed. The 100-MLD treatment plant is complemented by 45 kilometers of transmission lines plus 61 kilometers of distribution lines.

The Cardona WTP employs a more rigorous and complex treatment process and types of equipment compared to other existing water treatment plants because of the diverse quality of water from Laguna Lake. The process includes treatment for suspended solids, organic matter, algae and dissolved solids.

Its construction began last March 2016 and is expected to be completed this year as the completion of Phase 2 has been accelerated. Running full capacity, the treatment plant will distribute potable water to about 800,000 population and will essentially ease the load of the central distribution system of Manila Water, which serves customers in Metro Manila.

Even as the supply deficit has been reduced to 43 million liters per day (MLD) from a high of 150 MLD, the restoration of 24-hour service remains heavily dependent on the delivery of other sources aside from the Cardona WTP. At least 50 MLD yield is required from deepwells as well as an additional 50 MLD from cross border flows, to fulfill Manila Water’s service obligation of 24/7 water supply to all its customers at the regulatory standard of 7 psi (pound per square inch), or pressure up to the ground floor level, as stated in its Concession Agreement.

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