Manila Water installs 63 line boosters to supply far and elevated areas

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Manila Water has installed 63 line boosters across the East Zone to extend water supply to elevated areas and those farthest from its central distribution system. This will further increase water pressure and availability to all customers of Manila Water especially at this time when water is badly needed by households to keep the COVID-19 from spreading.

Line boosters are pumps installed along the pipeline to boost the pressure to a higher elevation and convey the water where it is needed. The Manila Water service area is characterized by rolling terrain where several communities are located at high and far areas and require a boost in pressure to reach them. To date, 31 line boosters have been installed in Quezon City, 7 in Makati City and Mandaluyong City, 5 in Taguig City, 1 in Marikina City, 3 in San Juan, 9 in Antipolo, 2 in Paranaque, 2 in Rodriguez and additional three (3) line boosters in Pasig City.

The line boosters will provide adequate water supply and ensure availability for the more than 1.3 million households in the East Zone.

East Zone concessionaire Manila Water provides water and wastewater services to about 7million residents of eastern Metro Manila, including Rizal province.

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