20-hour water interruptions will not last throughout summer

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Customers of east zone concessionaire Manila Water are experiencing the initial positive effect of the rotational water supply scheme which began last Thursday, March 14, 2019. Levels of various reservoirs have started to increase and water supply, though still at low pressure in some areas, is slowly being distributed to severely affected barangays. Pressure is expected to improve in the coming days as the reservoirs are continually refilled to enable water to reach highly elevated areas.

These operational adjustments are a temporary measure that Manila Water is undertaking to balance water supply distribution in its concession area. This will result in more definite hours of water availability.  Manila Water continues to make calibrations in these adjustments to ensure that extended service interruptions will not last for the entire summer.

Immediate solutions to cope with the surging demand are being prioritized, which includes the energization of the water treatment plant in Cardona, Rizal, which is part of the Rizal Province Water Supply Improvement Project. The project is now delivering an initial 22 million liters per day and is expected to produce up to 50 million liters per day by mid-April. Several deep wells are also expected to augment water supply by April.

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