MWSS approves new water rates for Manila Water

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Manila Water is set to implement new standard water rates after the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System Board of Trustees approved and confirmed the tariff adjustment in its Board Resolution No. 2017-036-RO dated April 5, 2017.

The new water rates are a result of the adjustment in the basic charge based on the Rate Adjustment Limit equivalent to negative 0.31%, composed of a reduction of 2.21% or P0.55, representing the fifth tranche of the water rates clawback, and the consumer price index factor of 1.90% equivalent to P0.47. This will result to a new average basic charge of P24.81 per cubic or an adjustment of negative P0.08 as applied to the current average basic charge of P24.89 per cubic meter.

However, the quarterly Foreign Currency Differential Adjustment (FCDA) will also take effect in the second quarter of 2017 with an increase of 2.80% or P0.69 per cubic meter, an increase of P0.44 from previous FCDA of P.025.  The FCDA was last adjusted in the 3rd quarter of 2016.

Once these adjustments take effect on April 22, 2017, customers who consume 30 cubic meters per month may expect a monthly increase of P8.59 in their water bills from P599.59 to P608.18, while customers with 20 cubic meters consumption monthly will experience an increase of P4.19 in their monthly water bills from P294.51 to P298.70. Lifeline customers or those low-income families consuming 10 cubic meters per month, on the other hand, will experience a decrease in their water rates from P80.05 to P79.81, due to their exemption from the FCDA.

Click here to view the 2017 Tariff Table.

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