Vendor Updates



Dear Valued Vendor,

With the coming Christmas season, we find it timely to refer to the Manila Water’s Vendor’s Code of Conduct. The Code explicitly discourages the giving of gifts by Vendors to Manila Water directors, officers and employees regardless of the occasion.

Gifts can be misconstrued as inducement to give preferential treatment to one vendor over another. We value the goodwill that has been built throughout the business engagements we have with your company and we would like to maintain it following the higheststandards of business conduct and ethics. Goodwill can be best expressed through the delivery of goods and services we require from vendors in an efficient manner, with the best value and high standards of quality. On our part, it is to do business with fairness, integrity, transparency and accountability.

We also would like to emphasize that the Manila Water Enterprise does not solicit gifts for whatever purpose - be it for raffle for a Christmas party or donation to charitable institutions – by any of our staff or service providers/vendors deployed to facilities.

We thank you for your compliance with our policy as we continue to do business with vendors who share our business values. 

Thank you and warm regards.