Tubig Para sa Barangay

"Tubig Para Sa Barangay" (TPSB) or Water for the Community is the flagship sustainability program of Manila Water, which aims to provide affordable water and deliver 24/7 potable water supply for marginalized communities. It was developed to suit the physical, social, and economic conditions of poor households through flexible financing options and a socialized tariff scheme. 

Complementing the TPSB program is a tie-up project with World Bank through Global Partnership on Output-Based Aid (GPOBA). Here, the World Bank provides funds to subsidize the cost of connection fees of customers. 

TPSB has brought about remarkable improvements in the quality of life of low-income communities in Metro Manila's East Zone. Since its inception in 1998, over 700 TPSB projects have been completed benefiting over 1.8 million people.


Meant to complement Tubig Para Sa Barangay, Manila Water’s "Lingap" program brings the benefits of potable water to a broader community by installing drinking fountains and wash areas, repairing after-the-meter pipelines, and providing sanitation facilities in public schools, hospitals, orphanages, markets, city jails, and churches. 

By extending its reach, Lingap provides a more widespread 24/7 access to clean water. To date, more than 380 institutions and over 1.5 million beneficiaries have benefited through this program.