Healthy Family Purified Water: Pure and Sure

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Advocating good health and peace of mind for families through clean and safe drinking water, Healthy Family Purified Water recently launched its advocacy movement anchored on the theme “I Love My Family” during the recent Partners’ Launch held at the Eton Centris Elements in Quezon City.

Since its pilot phase in 2014, Healthy Family has already signed over 200 new partners who will serve as Healthy Family’s official distributors starting the month of August in the East Zone. In its scale-up plans, Healthy Family is poised to expand further and cover the whole East Zone of Metro Manila before end of 2015 and is set to cover the West Zone by 2016.

Leading the advocacy movement was Manila Water Total Solutions President Ferdinand M. Dela Cruz who rallied the crowd to join the Healthy Family movement and help spread the advocacy.

“Healthy Family provides assurance and peace of mind to our customers at an affordable price. We can say that the quality of Healthy Family Purified Water is at par or even better than other premium drinking water brands in the market. It is also DOH and FDA approved, therefore it is safe for the consumption of the entire family, including children and infants,” shares Dela Cruz.

Healthy Family Purified Water undergoes a very stringent treatment process in its bottling plants. Water is treated and bottled without any human contact in the entire purification process, making Healthy Family Purified Water free from any risk of contamination. Bottling plants employ in-house microbiologists who conduct water quality testing to ensure that safe and clean drinking water is delivered to every Healthy Family customer.

Healthy Family Purified Water is approved by the Department of Health and the Food and Drug Administration and retails at 40 pesos per five-gallon bottle.

For more information on Healthy Family Purified Water, visit their Facebook page at

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