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We are a company of professionals whose unique roles and individual contributions towards corporate goals provide us with concrete opportunities to develop character and purpose in our personal lives. Each Manila Water employee is driven with a strong passion to help others, and this shows with service which is businesslike in efifciency, yet personal in its delivery.

Dignity of Work
Our company engenders in us a sense of pride and satisfaction in the fruits of our talents and efforts, which we place at Manila Water’s service, as part of a dynamic and well-knit team.

Pride in Excellence
We strive for excellence because turning out the highest quality products and services is the most fitting tribute to our customers and to society at large, to our company, to our colleagues and to ourselves.

Concern for Others
We support “people” and “non-government” organizations which link needs with resources in the unending work of social development.

Commitment to National Development
We place a premium on loyalty, not only in our relationships and responsibilities, but also to our roots which are the social and civic ground that has nourished and strengthened our enterprise. We purposely translate our commitment to national development into corporate vision and business venture.