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It's time to clean Metro Manila's rivers -- and we can only do it with your help!
While various efforts are being done to bring life back to our rivers, creeks and waterways, it would take the cooperation of every individual to create a big difference. Toka Toka is the first and only environmental movement in the country that advocates proper management of wastewater (used water) in every household as an important share (or Toka) in reviving our rivers. A joint project between Manila Water, Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the ABS-CBN Foundation, Toka Toka's goal is to move the people into embodying these four ownable acts:
1. Educating the people on how proper wastewater management helps our environment;
2. Encouraging solid waste management and segregation;
3. Connecting all households to a proper sewer line; and
4. Consistent desludging of septic tanks.
Launched last 2012, the Toka Toka movement is steadily gaining round, building partnerships with local government groups like the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), various political figures and thought leaders, and organizations whose common goal is to return our rivers to what it once was: a natural beauty among a busy and productive cityscape.
Would you like to join in the movement as well? Contact us now!